Culture, talent acquisition and training (among many others) are key success factors for every HR professional, in every size business. Importantly, this can’t happen unless you are ensuring compliance through every step of the way. Employee values and the overall landscape are shifting at faster rates than we have ever seen. COVID, the amplification of important societal issues and a newfound demand in flexible work options are 3 of the big driving forces in the industry right now.


With so many moving parts having the right tools can really make or break your business. Onboarding software is just one of the many moving parts.


There are a number of different tools and software out there for different functions:


  • Payroll
  • Onboarding
  • Reporting
  • Asset management
  • Recruitment
  • Time and attendance
  • And more!


In this day and age, the time and productivity saved by utilizing innovative software does wonders for staff. They are often built with 2 users in mind, the back end HR team, focusing on workflows and compliance, and the front end employee, communicating and engaging with the HR team. Automation and integration between other software are 2 key components of a high-quality software solution. We talked previously about whether a stand-alone and specialized software or an end-to-end, does it all software is better suited to your needs. If stand-alone and specialized is your preference (which has many pros) then adding onboarding to your belt of tools is highly recommended.


A lot of the time, businesses are just focused on their back end set up such as getting contracts signed, getting a new employee set up in their current payroll system – and are forgetting about how the process is for the employee. There is mountains of research on how a positive onboarding experience has a positive impact on employee retention. Improving the process for onboarding, through innovative software can reap many benefits.


Check out the benefits of digital onboarding here.


Simon is an onboarding software with a key difference being, we focus on experiences. Simon makes employee onboarding simple, engaging, intuitive and memorable.


  • Automate your onboarding process .
  • Collect all required documentation.
  • Follow up with surveys.
  • Build contracts that can auto-populate.
  • Deliver journey-based content and gidence for recipients (interview tips, advice for their first day).
  • Track employment journeys
  • Trigger notifications
  • Distribute offers, promotions and policies to your workforce.
  • Streamline employee reviews.
  • Integrate into your existing HR software.


If you want to improve your employee engagement and onboarding experiences, book a free demo with Simon today.