digital onboarding options for SME’s

Discover the benefits of Digital Onboarding

The world is evolving and technology is leading the charge. Companies have started integrating Artificial Intelligence to remove human bias from recruiting, you can learn almost any skill online and they have even found a way to create algorithms to predict the longevity and success of a new hire!

But I am just a small fish with a limited budget – how do I fit into this?

There are digital options for SME’s for almost every business function these days… including onboarding.

But why should I digitise onboarding?

To put the current job market into perspective, people are now changing jobs 12 times on average throughout their career life. Gone are the days of employees staying with companies their whole career.

So, in the current working landscape, the costs of hiring come more frequently. With workers spending 5 years or less in the same company, it makes sense to have an efficient, streamlined process to better adapt to the way most industries are heading.

So what are the benefits of digital onboarding?

Digital Onboarding Benefit 1 – Time is money

The amount of time YOU save in the recruitment process utilising digital onboarding is definitely a benefit (think about all time you will free up when you streamline processes such as training, induction, orientation).

BUT, more importantly, when we say time is money we are actually talking about the time saved for your new hire.

Study’s show that the vast majority of candidates are spending less than 2 months job seeking. This means that companies who have long and slow recruiting and hire times are missing out on star talent. Digital onboarding can greatly reduce this time. Your new hire can start sooner and start with a better understanding of what they will be doing.

Digital Onboarding Benefit 2 – Culture is key

91% of workers say that the recruiting process influenced their opinion of the company. It is vital that you are introducing your business’s culture during this process.

Digital onboarding isn’t just about streamlining the paperwork and payroll setup for new employees. It is about being inspiring and engaging from the moment you offer the job.

But what is “inspiring” and “engaging”, I am just a small business, not Google.

Embedding the company culture can be as simple as:

  • A welcome message from the CEO;
  • Introducing them to a culture of continuous learning through eLearning; or
  • Delivering company values so they aren’t just a paragraph in a long winded employee handbook.

It’s no secret that employees are changing jobs more, but one reason top candidates choose to stay is culture. Longevity of employees increase when there is a strong sense of culture in the workplace.

Digital Onboarding Benefit 3 – Training and Education

This one is simple. The studies on integrated learning speak for themselves. Many SME’s have not adopted this because they find the cost of creating learning platforms, modules, training videos etc. is out of their budget.

We are here to tell you this is not the case. There are digital options for all business sizes and they are well worth the investment. The increased engagement, information recollection and employee satisfaction of employees undertaking eLearning compared to reading lengthy manuals and procedures is second to none.


From orientation to training, it makes sense to integrate digital onboarding for your business. Create personalised and engaging experiences for new and existing employees with myjoboffer. To book a free demo and see the positive impact going digital can have on your business, get in touch today.