:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

Find out how Simon can help you connect to your employees, clients or members with personalised experiences:

Who is Simon?

Simon is a dynamic part of your team.
His experience mapping platform lets you…

Create engaging content and interactions for every step in your employee, customer or member journey.

Automate content delivery to give your employee, customer or member a consistent and memorable experience.

Integrate communication touchpoints seamlessly into your workflows to save time for the rest of your team.

What is experience mapping?

Put simply, experience mapping is about:

  • Mapping out your employee, customer or member journey, and identifying the points where either of you need information.

  • Delivering and collecting that information automatically, at the right time, and in the most helpful manner possible to provide them the best experience.

Who has Simon helped?

Through the myjoboffer platform, the technology behind Simon has provided simply beautiful onboarding experiences for a variety of Australian businesses.

Here’s what they have to say:

“myjoboffer has revolutionised the way Kagome hires people. The system has enabled us to onboard employees in a matter of hours rather than weeks and has removed the endless data entry our payroll staff used to be faced by. We LOVE myjoboffer!” - Melanie Davidson – Kagome Australia

“This HR app has to be one of my favourites. As the name suggests, this site automates your job offer and provides users a suite of customisable features… When things go this smoothly from the start, it creates a memorable first impression.” - Rachel Hill – HRMOnline

“I am particularly impressed with the ease of implementation and follow up support provided by myjoboffer” - Sonya Gibson – Primary Health Tasmania