Onboarding and human resources have been our forte for a long time now, and our onboarding product has gone from strength to strength over the years. Simon was more than just a rebrand, it was an expansion of our software and offering. Creating beautiful onboarding experiences is what we do best, and we are so excited to share that with more businesses.


Keep that “new job feeling” going for your new (and old) team members. Digital onboarding is a missing link in so many businesses that can both revolutionise your process while also saving time and money.


Simon makes starting a career with you – and sticking with your business – memorable, engaging and intuitive. You can deliver personalised experiences and complete all the necessary forms, from offer to first day, without touching any paperwork.


So what’s new with Simon onboarding?


On top our 2 new product offerings in the real estate and community sports spaces, we have been working hard to further improve our HR software. Upgrades all focus on experiences. The experience for both you, the user, and your new employees are both important. Features such as auto-populating contracts, more integration abilities and delivering journey-based content and guidance.


You can now streamline employee reviews to help leverage your workforce. Better automation functionalities will make your life as a HR professional easier. Overall, we can honestly say we are so excited about the future with Simon and the software for our clients.


We can offer free demo’s of the software so you can get a feel of how it can work for you. We regularly check in with our clients to ensure they are still happy with Simon once you sign up. When you book a demo we will even show you what your fully branded site could look like – which is always pretty exciting.


Call Simon today, cause he is dying to meet you too!