Completely mobile & tablet friendly

With everyone on the go its important your new employees can accept their employment offer in just a few clicks. Simon is completely mobile responsive on any device without the need to download an app.

Your new hires are empowered to complete their onboarding journey on the go via smartphone or tablet. Everything from accepting their offer through to completing forms, can be done via a smartphone or tablet. New hires can even access key information and company policies on the go.

In addition to email, Simon also supports sms notifications. This ensures fast and reliable notification to your new hires and existing employees when an offer is available for them.

Improving key HR metrics

Mobile responsive on any device means improvements to your time to fill performance. New hires don’t need to wait until they have access to a computer. They also don’t need to download and print forms. This gives your organisation a competitive edge by ensuring your candidates aren’t left in the market too long.

New employees continue to have access to all the important day one and policy information on the go, even after they have accepted their offer.  On their way to work on the first day your new hires will have all the information they need at their finger tips.

The platform is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices with out the need to download an app and also supports most current browsers.

Uploading documentation is also easy on any device. Your new hire can easily take photos of key documentation which can be uploaded directly from their camera roll.

No matter where new employees are, they can experience mobile responsive onboarding on any device with just a few taps.

Reducing your time to fill and providing amazing onboarding experiences is just another way Simon delivers Simply. Beautiful Onboarding