Personalised Onboarding

Using Simon to automate and digitalise your employee onboarding processes doesn’t mean a generic experience for new hires. Simon allows you to customise content for personalised onboarding by creating engaging and relevant experiences. Custom fields can be used to contextualise the experience and present information that is relevant and engaging to your new hire. Everything from contract delivery through to preparing for day one and workflow notifications is relevant and meaningful.

Our multi brand centre allows you to present different images, text and information for different types of employees. 

Customise Content

Customise content for personalised onboarding by configuring the look and feel to your brand. Banners, logos and information presented to new hires can be easily configured by you ensuring that your new hires are presented with the most up to date information.

Simon provides a fully branded platform that looks and feels just like your website with your own URL so employees have confidence that are dealing with you.

User specific information can easily be included in generic text to personalise the experience to your employee.

Custom Built Forms

Simon automatically comes configured with 5 standard new employee forms – Contact Details, Emergency Contact Details, Tax File Number Declaration, Superannuation and Bank Details.

Customise content for personalised onboarding experiences by adding extra forms and questions to meet your business requirements.

You have the flexibility of creating multiple form groups. This enables you to deliver different forms to different groups of employees.

The final stage of the forms process is for your new employee to upload any documents you have requested from them. Document upload triggers can be set to ensure employees are only asked to upload documentation that is relevant to them.

Preparing for Day one (next steps) screens

The day one module is your canvas where you can upload videos, images and text to give your new hire everything they need for their first day. Everything from induction vidoes, training, maps to work, social media and transport options.

Information about surrounding facilities like coffee shops and food outlets can really make a difference to a new employee’s first day.

You can even deliver different ‘prepare for day one’ experiences to your new hires based on their role or location.