As a property manager, you have your hands full when it comes to managing stakeholders. Finding the right balance between getting tenants as quick as possible vs ensuring they are high-quality tenants are a good fit for your landlords is just one of the challenges. The rental and property market is currently booming in Queensland. Activity with investors remains strong and there has been a recent surge in interstate buyers making a change while able to work from home anywhere. Demand is high so picking the right tenant is vital. With the movement and activity happening in the market now, Property Managers around Australia are stepping up their game when it comes to their brand and their service offering.  We have listed some of our best tips when it comes to attracting a high-quality tenant (in addition to the physical attributes of the property, such as location and condition).


1. Communication


Communicating the right things at the right time is advice that carries through almost all elements of business and the property industry specifically. Streamlining communication is also key. Having multiple channels of communication and making sure you are always reachable to answer questions (within reason). Understanding and documenting common questions and having the information there before the tenant even asks is always a positive.


2. Screen your tenants, and screen them for the right things to find out if they will be high-quality tenants


One way to keep your landlords happy is having a high-quality tenant, that doesn’t cause any issues when it comes to things such as not falling into arrears, no excessive and unreasonable partying etc. It may seem like the best service being the quickest time to fill a vacancy, but ensuring you are choosing the best tenant is key. Thoroughly screen background, credit score, references and other small bits of information such as whether they have a pet, how many people will be living there etc.


3. Use high quality software to ensure your operations are smooth and easy.


There is no doubt when looking for a rental, prospective high-quality tenants are not just applying for your listing. They will be attending numerous open homes and with such high demand, applying quickly when they are happy. If you are looking to stand out and attract the best tenants, you need to have the best operations and software. Make it simple, make it all electronic and make it secure.


With Simon, our software offers a premium experience for both your landlords and your tenants. Create a smooth and memorable customer experience to help attract high-quality tenants.


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