Integrations via Import & Export

Transferring information from Simonto other systems is a breeze with our "out of the box" Export Report module.

You can easily create and customise reports from Simon which can be formatted to allow easy import into most systems that accept csv or flat file import. Your Simon reports can be configured to match the import requirements of other systems avoiding expensive or complicated IT involvement.

Our support team are here to assist with export report configurations and we have a library of existing systems we have already mapped reports to.

API Integrations

Simon supports API integration that allows you to transfer information between myjoboffer and other API enabled systems, trigger the creation of an employee in myjoboffer from other systems and trigger the creation of an employee in other systems from actions within Simon.

We can work with you to offer you a 'no touch' integration approach using our API functionality. Choose the information you want to transfer with your other key systems and eliminate double-handling and unnecessary work.

Speak to our API Integration Consulting Team who will provide you with a 'no touch' unified solution*.

*pricing based on scoping requirements