It’s been a busy year of enhancements in the world of myjoboffer. As 2019 draws to a close, we’re pleased to share our final enhancements of the year:


Notification Previews

From time to time, new e-mail notifications are created, and/or existing e-mail notifications require updating (ie. image or text changes). Previously, the only way to check what a notification would look like in reality was to create a test employee and trigger the notification to send.

Notification Previews allow a test e-mail to be sent to the e-mail address of your choice directly from the configuration of the notification itself. The preview e-mail that is sent is an exact copy of the notification, so it’s now a breeze to check any images, links, custom fields and any other general formatting of the notification before you start using it. It’s all about making the process faster and simpler!

For more information about Notification Previews, visit the myjoboffer User Guides here.


Minor Re-Wording of the Offer Transmission Report

Previously, the text under the “Acceptance Submission” heading in the Offer Transmission Report (available in Offer Dashboard > My Offers) did not reference Library Documents.

We have updated this text so that it now encompasses the employee’s acceptance of the offer and any additional documents.

The updated wording is:

By clicking “Accept my Offer” the employee acknowledged they have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in their employment offer and any additional employment documents. The employee further acknowledged that the contract verification questions were answered by them.


Changes to Day One triggered Notifications

Previously, notifications that were configured to trigger based on “After Day One Closed” (formerly known as After Day One Opened) were designed to trigger any time the employee clicked the “Finish and Close” button on their Day One screen. This meant that the notifications could send multiple times if the employee visited their Day One screen more than once.

With this in mind, we’ve made a change so that notifications that trigger from the Day One screen will only send once per screen. That means the employee can now access their Day One screen to their heart’s content without triggering additional notifications!


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