Holiday Casuals – 3 Tips for Hiring Success

The holiday period is well and truly in swing, which means higher volumes and greater demand for additional staff. Often these staff will only be needed on a temporary basis, creating a need for Holiday Casuals.

To ensure your business thrives these holidays, these are our 3 tips for hiring Holiday Casuals.

1. Prepare for the Holiday Period!

Never go into the busy period without a plan in place for rosters and back up cover. If you play it by ear, you may be setting yourself up for a whirlwind of unnecessary stress. Planning for the busy period involves:

  • Check your previous years volumes, rosters and sales. This should form your base for how many people you need to bring on over the period.
  • Talk with your internal staff first, they may be over the moon to get some extra shifts over the holidays. Also ensure staff pre-book time off so you are aware of any extra gaps that may need to be filled.
  • Interviews – the top 2 success factors to look for in a Holiday casual is being able to handle pressure and being a fast learner. This time is busier than normal so you want someone who will add value to the team, not create more work with micro-managing.
  • Onboarding – your hire to first day time will often be a lot faster than normal due to demand. Prepare your contracts and training in advance.


2. Keep it simple!

If you find you have a demand for more staff over the holidays, it is pretty easy to assume you don’t have a lot of spare time for the administrative tasks involved in hiring employees. You should focus on reducing the time from hiring the staff member to their first day.

Streamline your processes with digital onboarding. Reduce stress and improve efficiencies. This opens up a world of opportunity to better engage employees.


3. Culture and training, even over the Holiday Period!

Whether it be a Holiday casual, or a full time gig, ensure you are still putting a strong focus on work culture and training. With Holiday casuals, you will have far less time to get your message across, so it is vital to use tools such as online learning and digital onboarding.

Be sure to check out our latest video on hiring holiday casuals.

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