Simplify HR – 4 top tips to streamline HR

When it comes to human resources, most professionals are experts in the theory around managing people, onboarding and teams. So why do so many businesses fall behind in the processes?

With the dawn of technology, the systems available to streamline HR processes are endless, inexpensive and can simplify your HR department with ease. Onboarding, payroll, online learning, communication and electronic forms. These are just 4 of the simple ways to make your life as a HR professional efficient. If you are finding your days are drowning in paperwork, turnaround times for tasks are painfully slow and you are inundated with work – it might be time to update your processes.


4 top tips to streamline your HR processes:


  1. Onboarding

If you think of onboarding and the first thing that comes to mind is paperwork – it’s time to make a change. Electronic onboardingis the way of the future and can make your life as a HR manager and new starters lives much easier. Employee forms, offer letters, policies and procedures plus all the other lengthy forms that most new starters have to sign on their first day can all be streamlined by simply going electronic.

The list of benefitsfor electronic onboarding systems is long and going digital is easier than you think.


  1. Payroll

The way of the world now has shifted trends in HR, particularly with payroll. With trends seen by the ATO, accounting firms and banks – not having a streamlined, electronic payroll system will create more stress than its worth. What’s best is most companies recognise that there are multiple processes going electronic and make sure their software easily integrates with others.


Top payroll software of 2018


  1. Online learning

The power of online learning is greater than most HR professionals realise. Time, money and quality are just three of the benefits of integrating online learning.If you are finding your orientation days to be long, unengaging and low satisfaction online learning is for you. There are so many ways to make elearning interesting and fun. Finding the right style and production for your budget is easier than most think.

Here are some great examples to inspire you in 2019.


  1. Electronic Forms

Gone are the days of paper waste and losing your marbles because the printer is jammed. Gone are the days of print, sign, scan, send. Electronic signaturescreate efficient customer experiences. There is the same degree of legal standing as paper signatures. There are ample pdf editing programs to create electronic forms. Save time and money filing on the computer instead of a prehistoric metal filing cabinet.


So if you are living in the manual and paper copy world, it may be time to upgrade. You will be amazed at the time and money you will save going digital with all things HR processes.