eLearning and employee onboarding

Incorporating eLearning into your employee onboarding process can deliver some great outcomes for your business. While the most obvious are flexibility and cost savings, at myjoboffer.com.au we know first hand there are many more.  Let’s explore other benefits and then we’ll take a look at the potential risks and how you can alleviate these.


5 benefits of eLearning to both the learner and the employer


1. eLearning delivers an engaging learning experience

The key to delivering an engaging learning experience is to know your audience!  Many of us have experienced the boredom associated with an eLearning course.  When you know your audience, then you can select the interactive elements that will keep them captivated and engaged.  Elements such as images, audio, video, game-style features, story-telling and even humour.  Interactive elements make eLearning interesting and keeps the learner focused.  Choosing from simple drag and drop interactions to an interactive virtual class room environment are all possibilities.  Design elements stimulate interest and create a connection between the new employee and their employer.


2. Reduction in classroom time & pressures

eLearning eliminates the need to spend the entire training in the classroom.  It is often used in conjunction with classroom training.  New employees have access to the course at any time.   This helps to relieve the time pressures associated with classroom training as well as removing  the fear of asking questions and the anxiety of passing assessments.  I can remember the many times I’ve consoled new employees who were worried they weren’t keeping up with the rest of the class.


3. Improved employee retention 

Incorporating eLearning programs into the employee onboarding process creates a great first impression!   Statistics show that employees who experience a good onboarding program generally stay longer in their role and have greater success in their role.  eLearning creates a more engaging and enjoyable experience for the new employee and employees are happier and staff retention increases as a result.  Instead of your employees having to read your 20 page induction manual, they receive a 15 minute engaging eLearning course.


4. eLearning promotes individualised learning

eLearning courses progress up to 50% faster than traditional classroom training.  Why is this?  It’s because well designed courses take an individual approach to learning.  Learners are free to navigate through the course at a pace that is right for them.  There is the option to re-wind audio and video files.  They have the ability to click back and forth through the course, and navigate the system they way they like.  This allows the learner the freedom and control to learn in a way that appeals to them.  They can skip material they already know and spend more time on those topics they need help with.  As a result, they become much more engaged with the content.


5. Improved consistency

eLearning ensures the message is communicated in a consistent fashion and all learners are receiving the same training. eLearning eliminates the problems associated with different trainers teaching slightly different material on the same subject.  The trainer’s personality, mood and subject matter experience all have an impact on the effectiveness of their training.  You have the confidence in knowing the message is being delivered consistently.


How to alleviate potential risks?

eLearning has many benefits for organisations to engage learners in new and innovative ways, but this isn’t always a simple process!

Studies have cited risks such as:

  • Lack of motivation and engagement due to learner isolation
  • Inability to modify the learning content to a different learner skill levels
  • Lack of flexibility that comes with modular designed learning.

It is important to be aware of these risk and how to alleviate them.  A professional eLearning provider seeks to understand your learner’s demographics, what motivates your audience and what your learning objectives are.  The outcome being a course that engages and delivers strong learning outcomes.

If you’d like to know more about digitalising your onboarding program and eLearning, visit myjoboffer.com.au. Better still we’d love to show you with a demonstration and 90 day free trial.   Visit myjoboffer.com.au to book.