Connecting employees to the company vision and branding

Does your company have or striving to create a strong branding strategy? Have you got a clear company vision you follow? This needs to be saturated across all aspects of your company, including your employees. The employees of a company are generally the first point of contact between business and consumers. Brand ambassadors. They are the ones that demonstrate the true definition of what the company stands for. If they are not aligned with the company branding, they are damaging to your marketing strategy. Follow these tips to get your employees connect to your brand, therefore strengthening your strategy.


Tips for connecting employees to company branding:


  1. People Marketing

When studying services marketing, a major aspect was the 7P’s. These are factors that a business needs to consider, making up a marketing strategy. Product, price, place, promotion, process, physical evidence and people. Research shows that in most services, front-line employees drive success. That is why “people” is a vital factor. Creating a happy and healthy work environment is the first step to this. But where does branding come into this? While having high employee satisfaction is vital, this can further lead to success by creating strong brand ambassadors. Employees that demonstrate attitudes and behaviours that reflect what your business stands for. There are a number of ways this can be achieved but it is all dependant on your business and what you are communicating. Start your employees off on the right foot by integrating branding and communicating the company vision from day one.


  1. Engagement

Leading on from this, submerse your employees in the culture of your workplace. Whether you are looking for corporate professionalism or new-age thinking. Make it clear what you want you want your brand to represent and engage your employee accordingly. There are many arguments around finding employees that are a cultural fit for the office versus more diversity in personalities and behaviours. But whichever option suits your company and direction, integrating and engaging employees with all aspects of branding is recommended. Communicating visions, sharing stories on how the company started, small touches such as logo on their email footer. Show interest in employees and how they help the business. Show employees how they can grow at the business.


  1. Demonstration

This one is simple. Demonstrate the branding across all employee touchpoints. From day one make it clear what your brand involves (try digital onboarding to maximise this). After that continue to demonstrate this through management teams and communication. Showing your employees what the brand means is the first step of a people marketing campaign.


Integrate branding and what your company stands for into your onboarding process.