Employee onboarding – making a good first impresssion

First impressions count and not just for the employee.

Starting a new job can be scary and daunting! Have I made the right decision?  Will I fit in? Will people like me?

Too many new employees experience a poor onboarding process that leaves them feeling anxious and unappreciated.  Putting new employees at ease before they have even started day one, is just one of the many benefits of digitalising your onboarding process.  Myjoboffer.com.au software provides new employees with video, text and audio on how to prepare for day one at your organisation.  Where’s the best place to get a coffee, the nearest transport available and an introduction to your new manager and team members are all possibilities using myjoboffer.com.au.

As a rule, new employees on day one are given a pile of HR paperwork to fill out, rather than being welcomed by the team.  Myjoboffer.com.au enables your employees to do all the paperwork online, at their own pace – leaving their first day free to learn more about their role, and get to know co-workers.

Acceptance of the employment contract is often the trigger to many internal tasks.  These include setting up IT access, arranging a desk, a phone, a computer and security access to name but a few.  Workflow notification functionality instantly triggers notifications which you have customised to your business.  Notifications are sent as soon as the new employee completes their online onboarding experience ensuring they have all the resources they need before they start.

New employees aren’t the only ones who have to worry about making good first impressions during the start of their new job. Employers also need to put their best foot forward if they want to make a good first impression.  Digital employee onboarding software helps you to create a memorable and engaging onboarding experience.  Do not give a new employee a reason to doubt their decision to join your organisation.

Do you have a memorable first day of work story?  Have you ever started a new job and no one knew you who you were?  No desk,  no computer, no email? Did your new employer leave a bad first impression? If so, we’d love for you to share your story with us.


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