Digitalising employee onboarding – making it a priority!

Digitalising employee onboarding processes continue to be the ‘missing link’ overlooked by a large majority of organisations. Digitalising the onboarding process for most organisations is the last step in transitioning to a 100% digital HR solution. Employees continue to fill out forms in pen and then this information is inputted into other systems manually. Paper-based processes can lead to mistakes, redundancy, security concerns and inefficiency. Freeing up HR professionals time to focus on more important tasks, is just one of the reasons why organisations should make this their number one priority.
Here are some other benefits of digitalising your onboarding process.


Digitalising Employee Onboarding with Workflow Notifications

Acceptance of the employment contract is often the trigger to many internal processes. HR Managers need to have real-time insight into which internal tasks have been completed. Paper-based processes require the forms to be scanned in order to share with other departments. This can lead to mistakes and delays. workflow notification automatically triggers notifications the second the employee accepts their offer. Cross divisional communication is improved and employees have an improved chance of getting the resources they need on day one.


Digitalising Employee Onboarding and Building your Organisation’s Brand

Onboarding each new employee in a brand-right, culturally appropriate way will ensure the time and money you’ve committed during the hiring process gives you maximum return. digital onboarding software is customisable to the look and feel to your brand. Your fully branded platform looks and feels just like your website. Banners, logos and information presented to new hires can be easily configured by you. This ensures new hires will unambiguously answer the question, “Have I come to the right place?” in the affirmative. Our multi-brand centre also allows you to create and deliver offers under multiple brands to support organisations that hire under more than one logo and brand.

Does your organisation have a 100% digital HR solution?

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