Whether you are a long standing, established team or the new team on the block – growing your club membership should be a key goal for your community. With so many moving parts, administrative tasks, and stakeholders to manage, this can sometimes be quite challenging. Some common challenges we see include:
  • Lack of resources and/or time
  • Not using all channels to communicate
  • Communicating the wrong things
  • Missing out on word of mouth or referrals from your current members

If you are facing any of these challenges, or simply wanting to continue your momentum with growth, these top tips will help you get more player and member sign on’s next season for your sports or community club.

  1. Encourage your existing members to refer new members

Word of mouth is arguably the best marketing you can ever do. Having a third party recommendation increases the likelihood of conversion. In simple terms – impress current members = they talk highly of you to their friendly networks = their networks sign up with your club over other options. Being efficient, effective and making positive experiences for your current members is the best way you can attract new players.

  • Communicate efficiently and effectively

This applies both with your current members (see point one) and any potential members. Giving them as much information to ensure there are no concerns or questions they have to go hunting for. When trying something new, especially with childrens sport, the more information and updates, the better. Ensure you have an email list, and notify them of key dates,

  • Promote your club on social channels

Hit up local community pages, share all updates about when, where and how members can sign up. Look into some great tools to schedule posts, and tools like Canva to create some aestechically pleasing content. Sharing positives and wins from your current members is a great way to show off your club.

  • Be proactive during, before and after seasons

Talking to stakeholders, posting on socials, sharing wins from your teams. Being proactive with communication and seeking new members throughout all key points in the year is vital. You never know when someone may be thinking about joining a club, so don’t just stick to sign up time when it comes to recruiting.

  • Get creative

Have you lost members? Maybe you can implement a previous members campaign to get them back. Reward members if they refer a friend. Get creative with your campaigns. Post flyers, host a sausage sizzle. Talk to your members for ideas.

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