CSR: going paperless

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a widely argued aspect in the business landscape. Socially responsible and sustainable businesses are making waves in the modern world, often becoming the industry leaders. When companies have big budgets, becoming socially responsible is often just a small dint in their spending. For small to medium businesses, it can be tricky to help change the world when you don’t always have the money to splurge. Answer: go paperless.

Going Paperless – hows and whys for a new CSR initiative:

While your business may not have the money to host million dollar charity gala’s, start small by making the conscious effort to save the environment in any way possible.


Sustainability is broken down into 3 pillars. Environmental, social and economic.  So it’s no secret that going paperless is good for the environment. But, it is also economically beneficial to your firm to operate digitally. It’s easy to see how reducing waste and increasing efficiency positively impacts your employees (social). Employees can easily access information from anywhere.

Going paperless also creates a positive image to consumers. With a rising trend of conscious consumers this small CSR initiative can result in increase revenue.


You can easily digitalise your work/office environment. So how can your office do it?

  • Calendars – there is ample amounts of applications and software available today. Checklists, calendars, planners etc. are readily available with amazing collaborative features. There’s something out there for every budget; free, subscription based or one-off payments.
  • Storage – its no secret that cloud based services can make your life easier. Once set-up, storage becomes easy to use and hard to lose.
  • Onboarding and contracts – Employee files can often be one of the biggest contributors to paper usage in an office. Firms fall trap to the notion that contracts, employee forms, policies etc. need to be manually signed and filed. This is false. Using a HR software to eliminate stacks of employee filing can make a massive difference. This helps the firm save paper while also saving themselves money and time.

The following images show the cost and savings of digitalising onboarding.


So what are you waiting for. While it may be hard to adapt change initially, going paperless will do wonders for your business. The set-up time varies depending on size of the business, current processes etc. but is definitely worth it long-term.

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