Creating a strong customer experience strategy is a key success factor in any business. Whether you focus internally on staff experiences or externally with clients/members, you should always have a customer experience strategy. We previously talked about experience mapping and the importance of understanding your client, now we are going to dive into how to improve this experience. The first step is understanding the journey and experience mapping so it is important that you have done this first.


Why improve your customer experience?


Retention, satisfaction and increased sales. Are these important to your business? The answer to that should always be a YES. If you want to see a positive impact in retention, satisfaction and sales – improving your customer experience strategy should be a priority.


Client or staff retention can be a tricky thing to get right, but mapping out and improving various journeys they go on can really go a long way. Speed of delivery, quality of information, ease of access and strong communication are just a few of the improvements that can result from a good customer experience strategy. Acquiring staff and customers can be 10 times more expensive than retaining them.


The customer experience is all about the touchpoints where they are interacting with your business. We have listed some ideas to implement that will help improve the customer experience:


Top 7 tips for improving your customer experience.


  1. Automate key messages so they are received instantly when a customer interacts with you. This could be as simple as sending a message to notify you have received a rental application.
  2. Seek customer feedback. Don’t make assumptions.
  3. Utilise software to create workflows, send content and more.
  4. Create some self-service options for clients to eliminate unnecessary emails.
  5. Utilise analytics and make decisions based on customer interactions and key data.
  6. Ensure your branding is prominent through all customer interactions.
  7. Make processes as simple and friction-less as possible.