:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

The onboarding software tool every HR professional needs

onboarding software

Culture, talent acquisition and training (among many others) are key success factors for every HR professional, in every size business. Importantly, this can’t happen unless you are ensuring compliance through every step of the way. Employee values and the overall landscape are shifting at faster rates than we have ever seen. COVID, the amplification of […]

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Everything you need to know about onboarding with Simon


Onboarding and human resources have been our forte for a long time now, and our onboarding product has gone from strength to strength over the years. Simon was more than just a rebrand, it was an expansion of our software and offering. Creating beautiful onboarding experiences is what we do best, and we are so […]

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