:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

5 ways automation can help make your life easier

The automation we know and love today seems like a pretty new concept, but did you know that the term automation first came about in 1946 in the automobile industry production lines. Technology has progressed immensely since then, which has led to us experiencing automation in almost all facets of our business and personal lives. […]

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New Year, New Experiences

Two people using Simon on a tablet, mobile and computer to complete an experience

2021 is officially in full swing, and so is Simon! We have been working hard to develop a new look, new service offering and a bunch of new and exciting features. Previously focusing on digital employee onboarding, we knew it was time to branch out. So Simon is a few months old now, and feedback […]

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