2021 is officially in full swing, and so is Simon! We have been working hard to develop a new look, new service offering and a bunch of new and exciting features. Previously focusing on digital employee onboarding, we knew it was time to branch out.

So Simon is a few months old now, and feedback has been fantastic. We are delighted to continue the legacy of myjoboffer into a new and improved solution. Focusing on experience mapping and improving opportunities at every touchpoint, we believe Simon’s capabilities will make a positive difference in your work life.

Simon has 3 core services – Real Estate, HR and Community & Sports Clubs.

All with a shared goal of improving experiences, automating tasks, increasing productivity and creating memorable touch points with your employee, customer or member. Gone are the days of printing paperwork, forgetting important tasks or spending hours organising a clunky old excel document.

Simon is a functional and user-friendly software that helps create great experiences.

So why Simon?

Simon can act similar to an assistant:

  • Reduce paperwork by using contract templates
  • Eliminate time consuming admin tasks
  • Ensure accuracy in all that you do
  • Create superior experiences that generate positive word of mouth.
  • Ensure that you meet each step in your client management procedure.

Experiences can be simple and effective with Simon. Simon simply brings…✔️Improved functionality✔️Refreshed user experiences✔️Beautiful new branding

This is an inspiring time for us, and we’re here if you have any queries or concerns about our brand transition to Simon. Book in a free demo, try it now with a sample experience or ask us anything and we will be more than happy to help you. Our goal is to make a positive impact in our clients lives.