The automation we know and love today seems like a pretty new concept, but did you know that the term automation first came about in 1946 in the automobile industry production lines. Technology has progressed immensely since then, which has led to us experiencing automation in almost all facets of our business and personal lives. Whether it be as simple as scheduling a social media post, or using AI to predict business trends, integration of automation has meant great things for productivity and improvements to our lives.


Automation empowers our employees and clients to lessen workloads and free up our time to focus on the important stuff.


1. Tracking


Gone are the days of the old excel document or even paper files used to keep track of your business activity. Software now days uses automation to track and store things without even lifting a finger.


2. Productivity


Time is precious. Since COVID, we have even more of a focus on flexibility, productivity and creating healthy work life balances. Integrating automation into your day to day role can free up time and resources. Less time doing mundane or repetitive tasks, the more time you have to spend on the value adding tasks.


3. Collaboration


Gone are the days of working offline, emailing to the next person and then waiting to get a document back for draft 15. There are a lot of moving parts and people trying to work together at the same time. Automation can streamline tasks, communication, track progress and more. Having software that talks to multiple different departments and users can have a really positive impact.


4. Efficiency


Productivity of your staff is one thing. Creating an efficient service to clients can be easily simplified through automation. Productivity increase means the quantity of work created, efficiency then allows you to decrease the resources and effort required.


5. Quality


While this is a debatable one in some industries, the quality of work can go up immensely when integrating automation into your business. Less variability and greater control and consistency are among the benefits of automation.


Simon and automation go hand in hand. Simon and tracking, productivity, collaboration, efficiency and quality go hand in hand. Find out how our software uses automation to make experiences simple.