What your new employee wants to know

Here are the top 5 things important to your new employees and what they want answers to when starting a new job.

So, new employees got your resume noticed, they confidently answered the top ten interview questions and they’ve been offered the job.  Their heart leaps with joy and they can’t wait to sign the contract.  At the back of their mind though, there’s this persistent question lingering……….is this the right job and right organisation for me?

The 5 things important to your new employee

1. Company Culture – Values, Attitudes and Goals

What kind of culture does the new organisation embrace? What are their vision and mission statement? Do they value competitiveness, or do they encourage creativity? Are they people-oriented or result-oriented?


2. People – Boss & Colleagues

A supportive network of colleagues and an understanding boss would be a welcomed environment.  Knowing who your manager is and who’ll be a part of your team, their tenure with the organisation, their strengths and passions, as well as their personal interests and hobbies will help calm those first day nerves.


3. Workload & Expectations

Does the organisation have a policy on flexible working arrangements to help employees achieve a work-life balance?  Are there flexible rostering options, flexible working locations and job sharing opportunities available?


4. Progression Vs Stability

Does the organisation encourage promotion from within?  How frequent do employees of a similar position as yours get promoted?  What is the attrition or turnover rate of your future department?  Or alternatively, is stability more important to you than prospects.  What matters most is that you make an informed choice based on what the organisation has to offer to you


5. Employee Benefits

What fringe benefits or perks does the organisation offer?  Do they offer salary sacrificing, purchasing additional leave, discounted shopping, child care benefits, transportation benefits, reward and recognition programs, training programmes and retirement benefits to name but a few. <http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/before-accepting-job-offer>


The Prepare for Day One page on the myjoboffer.com.au onboarding platform is the ideal place to answer those questions which are important to new employees.  Here you can upload videos, images and text to give your new hire the confidence they have made the right decision in choosing to work for your organisation.

To find out more about creating an effective employee onboarding process, go to our website: www.myjoboffer.com.au

What aspect of your onboarding process do new employees appreciate the most? Share your experiences in the comment section below.