Cuscal goes digital – an interview

About Cuscal and the ‘Cuscal goes digital’ project

Cuscal’s business is payments. They are Australia’s leading provider of end-to-end payments solutions. An Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), their extensive capabilities include card and acquiring products, mobile payments, fraud prevention, EFT switching and settlements, as well as running the rediATM Scheme, one of Australia’s largest ATM networks.  Cuscal has a growing base of over 100 clients from a range of industries, including financial services, airlines, fintech and retail.  They provide their clients with the technology, scale and licensing they need to compete with the largest players in payments.  Or they simply take a complex problem off their hands, enabling them to focus on whatever it is which makes them unique and successful.




We talk to Jennifer Bass (HR Operations & Projects Manager) about Cuscal’s journey to a digital employee onboarding solution and the benefits they have experienced.


Q. Jennifer, thinking about ‘Cuscal goes digital’, what prompted you to look for a digital solution to onboarding of new employees?

Our position as an innovative and nimble company had been let down by our historical, arch age onboarding processes.  Large packs of paperwork, many duplicate forms and double handling were all signs of a very manual process.   Our internal onboarding process did not represent what we stand for as a company.  The contrast of service between what we were delivering to our internal customers (new employees) and what was being delivered to our external customers, was what prompted us to seek a better process.

Q. What are some of the benefits you’ve seen by automating your employee onboarding?

The benefits are ten-fold – little to no printed documents to file, a user experience that is fresh and easy to navigate, and a smooth process for sharing the information with our HRIS to name the main ones. 


Q. How would you describe the product features to a prospective customer?
  • Easy to use digital employee onboarding platform for incoming employees, great engagement tool for providing important company information that you wouldn’t necessarily have on your external website
  • Accessible on mobile devices, allowing the employee to access and accept their offer right away, and return to action other paperwork when they are ready
  • Simple offer set up and download features for HR and Payroll processing
  • Communicates easily to multiple HRIS systems via csv
  • Can be easily managed and updated internally once implemented
  • Accessible and efficient helpdesk for any questions or issues  


Q. How much time have you saved by automating your employee onboarding Jennifer?

The big win for us is the time spent with the employee on their first day – rather than take 20 minutes to sit with them whilst they fill out paperwork.  We can now spend the time re-enforcing what their onboarding process will look like, what they can expect and really getting them set up for success.


Q. What is the feedback you’ve received from users of the platform?

Great feedback – most new employees are horrified to hear that we used to do it in paper form! Overall they love the experience of being able to access via their mobile device initially and then get prepared to sit at their PC and action the requirements when they have all their information. was developed by managers and HR professionals who share one thing in common; the burden of employee paperwork and the terrible experience this provides to new employees. is all about making the onboarding process seamless for you, and your employees by creating the right impression from day one. 

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