:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

Release 6.0 – myjoboffer with Experiences

Get excited – Version 6.0 “myjoboffer with Experiences” is about to be released

The latest release of myjoboffer is set to deliver Simply. Beautiful Experiences. Everything you have come to expect from myjoboffer in simplifying your employee onboarding is now available for cross boarding and off boarding. In addition to these major milestones, myjoboffer can now deliver custom experiences for all employee interactions.

What to expect from the Version 6.0 release

The full list of Version 6.0 enhancements and changes

We’ve been busy over the last 6 months adding features and changes from feedback from our customers. This is our biggest release to date and this means the list of new features and changes is pretty big. The majority of these changes are opt in changes, which means you can adopt the new functionality when you are ready to turn it on.

Terminology Changes

Now that myjoboffer supports more than just onboarding, it was necessary for us to change some of the terminology to make it relevant across all experiences delivered to employees.  Here are the changes to terminology within myjoboffer:

  • Delivering an offer is now Delivering an Experience – reflecting more than just onboarding;
  • Delivering an Offer is now Delivering Employment Documents – because you can now have employees accept more than just their employment offer;
  • Contract Templates are now Document Templates – because you can generate different types of employee documentation;
  • Policies are now Checklists – which you can use to have employees review and accept more than just company policies;
  • Day One Screens are now General Content Screens – to allow you to deliver beautiful and engaging content that is about more than just the first day;
  • My Offers is now My Experiences – reflecting the different milestones in the employee’s life cycle;
  • The Offer Dashboard is now The Experience Dashboard – bring all experiences into a single view;
  • Offer Verification Questions are now Verification Questions – as its not just about the offer;
  • Offer Approvals are now Approval Chains – approves can now review an entire experience not just a contract.

New Features

  • We’ve reduced the burden on HR to reset employee passwords. Employees are now able to reset their own password on the login screen;
  • Track password reset history on the employee’s profile;
  • Reorder elements within an experience.  Forms, Documents, Checklists and General Content screens can be delivered in any order you choose;
  • Decide which elements to include within an experience.  Employees no longer need to have all 4 steps completed in an experience;
  • Include multiple supporting documents that you need employees to accept;
  • Apply custom naming to supporting documents making tracking easier;
  • Filtering is now included in the Experience Dashboard – allowing you to filter your experience dashboard by employee, experience completion status and employee status;
  • All documentation generated as part of an experience now remain as part of the employee’s profile. Documents are no longer overridden as new experiences are delivered;
  • The download all function is now available irrespective of the experience completion status.
  • Experiences can now be saved as a Draft to deliver later. In progress experiences can also be edited to change incomplete elements;
  • Experience Approvals now allow for the approver to review the entire experience not just the contract;
  • Messages have been added to the user experience so employees know when the system is loading (this means no more duplicate notifications caused by employees submitting more than once);
  • We’ve made it easier for employees track their progress with the addition of colours to guide the experience to completion;
  • Enhancements to the user details screen means mobile numbers are automatically formatted for Australian mobile numbers;
  • Username & email address validations have been included in the user details screen. This means you will know immediately if a username or email address has already been used;
  • Now that myjoboffer maintains the history of an employees documentation we’ve added some additional controls to ensure you don’t accidentally delete an employee profile;
  • Welcome emails are now managed through the Notifications Centre;
  • We have customised SMS messages to differentiate between new and existing users making SMS more relevant to the employee and their experience;
  • We have brought a number of user profile actions into the Experience Dashboard. This means you no longer need to edit an entire employee profile to complete simple tasks;
  • The approvals feature now comes with enhanced tracking and history on experience approvals and declines;
  • With SMS one time passwords now providing the final step in document acceptance stage, we have made the answers to verification questions visible in the Experience Dashboard;
  • Now that employees can accept more than just company policies, we have introduced version control to all checklists making it easier to see which checklists an employee has accepted;
  • Checklists (previously policies) can be redelivered through additional experiences;
  • We have made some enhancements that allow you to deliver video content through .MP4 and animated .gif files and;
  • The new Employee Files function allows you to keep an employee’s files together on their profile, including documents the employee has uploaded themselves and documents that are uploaded by an administrator (e.g. a probation review).
  • User Permissions allow you to control which menus ECP Administrators can access.
  • Branches allow you to control which users each ECP Administrator has access to.
  • The re-send notification function allows you to re-send a notification that has already been delivered without the need to re-trigger the notification.
  • Approval Chains allow a chain of approvers to review an experience.
  • Simplified Forms configuration to make creating and editing Forms easier.
  • Form fields can be assigned to multiple different Forms.
  • Forms progression saved for users.
  • Forms responses can now be referenced throughout Simon and in notifications.
  • Ability to clone an entire form.
  • Additional validation rules to specify how a question in a Form needs to be answered.

There are a number of changes in the background that you won’t see which include:

  • Further enhancements to the security of our infrastructure;
  • Improved document tagging and storage to support GDPR requirements; 
  • Improved email delivery capabilities; and
  • A number of other changes that help upcoming improvements we have planned in the future.

We are excited to deliver these exciting improvements to myjoboffer from your feedback. Keep it coming so we can deliver more of the features you want in the future.