Get excited – the new version of myjoboffer has arrived!

We understand that you will have some questions as you transition over to our new platform. We have created this Frequently Asked Questions guide for you to refer to before we begin the process.

If there’s any questions we haven’t covered, don’t worry we will be working with you during your transition.

1. Why have we moved to a new instance of myjoboffer?

One of the biggest changes is the ability to streamline not only onboarding, but also crossboarding and offboarding. Some sections of the existing myjoboffer platform have been completely redesigned to accomodate this. 

In this enhancement, you will no longer be delivering employment offers to your employees, but rather an experience. To reduce the impact to you and your employees all new experiences will be delivered in a new instance with a new URL.

Data security continues to be extremely important to us. The new myjoboffer instance continues to be configured with the strict security policies and features as it always has.

2. What are the new features included in this enhancement?

There are over 30 new features in this enhancement (more than we can list in this FAQ!). Some of our favourites include:

    • the ability to select which elements (previously called modules) to deliver to an employee;
    • a brand new My Experiences dashboard that keeps a history of experiences (and documents) an employee has completed; and
    • the ability to deliver multiple Library Documents.

 Click here to read the full list of new features that will be included.

3. Is it mandatory to move to the new platform?

Not yet. If you would like to continue using the existing myjoboffer instance for now, that is fine, however there will eventually come a point in time in the not too distant future where it will be mandatory to move.

You will not lose any current functionality by moving to the new platform and will be able to continue to deliver the standard 4 elements in the standard order if you wish.

4. How will the transition work and how long will it take?

After initial discussions with your Account Manager, your organisation’s Transition Date will be booked in. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your transition as well as a few questions that we’ll need you to answer for us. 

We will copy the assets that are included in your current myjoboffer instance over to your new myjoboffer instance. We will then import the employees from your existing instance.

Once all of this has been completed, training will be booked with you for anybody who will be using the new myjoboffer platform. The transition will then be complete.

How long your transition will take will vary depending on the number of assets and employees that will need to be imported, however we anticipate the majority of transitions taking between 2 to 5 business days.

5. Will the platform look exactly the same to my employees?

Yes. All images, text and configuration (including Forms, Policies, Contract Templates and Day One Screens) will be copied from your existing myjoboffer platform.

6. What will happen to employees and their documents in the existing platform?

We will import the user profiles of all active employees in your current platform to the new platform, so you won’t need to worry about recreating them. The Onboarding Documents associated with these employees will not be imported into the new platform. While you will retain access to the existing platform for a period of time, we recommend downloading all employee documentation that you need to retain prior to or soon after your transition.

7. Will existing employees in the current platform still be able to log in?

Yes. Employees who have a login for the existing platform will be able to log in until your legacy platform shut down date. We will confirm your legacy platform shut down date with you during the transition process.

8. What happens if there are employees who have not completed their onboarding in the existing platform when our transition is in motion?

That is fine – all employees with an outstanding onboarding in the existing platform will continue to be able to log in and complete their onboarding.

9. When will I lose access to the existing instance?

You will still have access to the existing platform for a period of time.  The existing platform should only be used to download any employee documentation that you need to keep.

The date you will lose access to the old instance will be confirmed during your transition. 

As soon as your transition is complete, all new experiences should be delivered using the new platform.

10. Will all existing Employer Control Panel users be transferred over to the new platform?

Yes. All existing Employer Control Panel users will be transferred into the new platform, including Administrators with Authority. We will provide new login details to all ECP users for the new instance.

Please note – an ECP user is anybody who has an administrator login to myjoboffer in your organisation. Depending on your organisation’s configuration, this may include HR, Payroll and/or Recruitment Teams.

11. Will my API configuration be integrated in the new platform?

Yes. Any API integrations that your organisation has configured in the existing platform will be configured for the new platform.

12. Will I need to access the new platform differently?

The only difference in terms of access is the URL that ECP users and employees use to access the platform.

New login details, including the new URL, will be emailed to ECP users during the transition process. All notification will be updated to direct employee users to the new URL.

13. Will I be provided with training?

Yes. You will receive a 45 minute training session. This session will cover off the important functionality changes in this enhancement. This will also be your opportunity to ask any additional questions before you begin to use the new platform.

14. Will my support options change?

No. You will continue to have access to the same support options as you do today. We’ve also developed new User Guides to reflect the new platform’s configuration.

15. I’d like to utilise the platform for crossboarding and/or offboarding – when can I do this?

During transition, your new platform will be configured exactly as it is today. If you would like to take advantage of the crossboarding and offboarding opportunities that the new platform offers, this can be configured after your initial transition and training are complete.