Have some fun | Tip five

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Onboarding and training is serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! The first few weeks for a new employee shouldn’t be all about endless training sessions. Find the balance between learning the information necessary to start working and the information the employee will learn along the way and remember learning should be fun!  There are many ways to make the initial induction training interesting and engaging.

Here some top dos and don’ts to make new employee onboarding more fun:


  • Break up training topics so new employees have an opportunity to practice what you are teaching them. Include practical sessions like buddying to put the new knowledge to the test.
  • Draw on the strength of individual team members to support inducting your new employee. This is great for your existing employee’s development and allows them to share real experiences.
  • Vary the delivery method of training. A full day of eLearning is not everyone’s cup of tea! Likewise, full days in the classroom may have a new employee starting to doze off.
  • Remember games aren’t just for kids and can really help to tell a story or demonstrate a learning objective.


  • Leave your new employee on their own to complete a full catalogue of compliance training just because it’s the easy option.
  • Expect too much from them in their first few days. We’ve all heard of “hit the ground running” but its only reasonable to expect a learning curve.
  • Treat new employees like children. It’s reasonable to set expectations and this should be done in a respectful way.
  • Overload new employees! Some gaps in the day will allow new employees to reflect on learning outcomes and consolidate their knowledge.

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