Experiences. It’s not just another business buzzword… it is the driving force. Whether it be your customers or your employees, experiences are the reason people stay, recommend, buy and sometimes leave. We started a journey with myjoboffer creating smooth and unique onboarding experiences for new hires. With so many amazing capabilities, we knew we could do more. Introducing Simon!

Before we get into the ‘what’ we thought we better first delve into the ‘why’. Experience mapping, in short, is the journey from end-to-end to accomplish a goal. It is the human behaviour, emotions, pain points, actions one would normally go through. We first started myjoboffer, coming from a HR background, with a vision to simplify the employee onboarding experience. We developed a software not only to automate workflows, but with the employee’s emotions in mind. Creating exciting experiences that left a positive perception of your business. Since inception, myjoboffer software capabilities just kept growing and improving. That’s why we wanted to not only keep expanding our onboarding solution, but to also transition beyond just HR. This is an inspiring time for us and we are incredibly excited to share with you our solutions for making experiences simple.

So let’s meet Simon!

Simon uses intelligent software, designed to improve the users experience and streamline your processes. Our 3 service umbrellas include employee onboarding (of course), real estate software for landlords and agents, and an exciting community and sports hub.

Simon makes human resources experiences simple.

  • Automate your processes
  • Build and update contracts
  • Get e-signatures
  • Deliver content
  • Send offers, promotions and policies
  • And more!

Simon makes rental experiences simple.

  • Book and remind about inspection times
  • Offer tips and guidance throughout the entire process from signing a lease to moving out
  • Make evictions and end-of-leases smooth and efficient
  • Use predefined templates
  • Send notices
  • Make forms and contracts as streamlined as possible
  • Get e-signatures

Simon makes sports sign on simple.

  • Automate sign-ups and onboarding for new members
  • Let attendees know about new schedules or updated agendas
  • Send advice and reminders
  • Notify of upcoming payments and easily collect fees


Simon simply brings…✔️Improved functionality✔️Refreshed user experiences✔️Beautiful new branding

This is an inspiring time for us, and we’re here if you have any queries or concerns about our brand transition to Simon.