In previous blogs we have spoken about all the creative ways to onboard, improving your processes, eLearning and more! Today we are taking it to the next level and talking about ways to use your onboarding software for more than just onboarding. Getting the most out of a business software is a fundamental way to ensure you are optimising your business and spend. Everyone knows this to be true, and most execute their processes to a high standard with the help of software. But what about taking it further? Thinking outside the box and reaping benefits outside of the normal scope of work is far easier than you may think.

So we are talking about the out of the box uses for onboarding software… that isn’t just normal onboarding.

Onboarding software can be used for more than just setting up a new employee. First, you can use this for the less common but still important employment types. Interns, contractors, freelancers, consultants and more can still experience a high-quality onboarding process. They may not need exposure to the full onboarding that regular employees receive, but you can still put your best brand forward. You can customise and create their own personal onboarding experience. Just because someone may not be a permanent addition to your business, they still need certain access, training etc. You already have the software and processes. Making a good first impression is still possible.

Internal transitions, especially promotions, are an exciting moment in your business. Even if someone has been at your company for many years, moving into a new role, with new responsibilities can still feel daunting. A simple onboard from one role to the new role can really show how much you care for your staff. You have already invested in a fantastic onboarding software, why not make the most of the electronic signing, checklists, setting them up in payroll.

Offboarding. Just as you want to put your best brand forward when onboarding, the same is true for offboarding. Regardless of how that employee has left, you have certain obligations and tasks that need to be complete. Why make this process any harder? Utilise the software you already have to create a hassle-free and compliant transition from your business.

Onboarding is more than just getting a new hire set up. It should be a process that runs their entire lifecycle as an employee. Find out today how you can use leading software to execute and improve this process.