Payroll: How STP Can Impact Your Business

Earlier this year, legislation passed, making it compulsory for all employers with less than 19 employees to be on some form of electronic accounting software and report wage information STARTING 1st of July 2019. This kind of Single Touch Payroll (STP) becoming compulsory has been rolled out for larger business since July 2018.


More information from the ATO.

Statement from the Commissioner


So how does this work with digital onboarding?

If your business is using Single Touch Payroll or about to make the switch to Single Touch Payroll, then you are highly likely using one of Australia’s leading accounting payroll software. Did you know that these systems can easily be integrated with myjoboffer? The world is going digital, and so are most departments within a business. Myjoboffer works seamlessly with your other HR and accounting software so you don’t have to lift a finger!

API Integrations

myjoboffer supports API integration that allows you to transfer information between myjoboffer and other API enabled systems, trigger the creation of an employee in myjoboffer from other systems and trigger the creation of an employee in other systems from actions within myjoboffer.

We can work with you to offer you a ‘no touch’ integration approach using our API functionality. Choose the information you want to transfer with your other key systems and eliminate double-handling and unnecessary work.

Speak to our API Integration Consulting Team who will provide you with a ‘no touch’ unified solution*.

*pricing based on scoping requirements

So if you are having to make the switch to STP then it may be the best time to make the switch to digital onboarding so you can streamline all your business processes.

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