Diversity and Employment Types in the Workplace

The world is a diverse place and diversity in workplace is no exception. Having a team for your business that is diverse, flexible and fits your needs as a business can bring many benefits. These include

  • Increased productivity
  • Creativity
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved company reputation
  • Wider range of skills
  • Improves cultural insights

On-top of employee diversity, there is also a range of different employment types:




Fixed term


Daily hire and weekly hire



This will depend on your business but often for small businesses, having a mix of full-time/part-time and casual allows you to cover shifts easy and control wages easier depending on P&L for the month. Allowing flexibility for your employees within these types also results in more productivity and higher employee satisfaction. And we all know that employee satisfaction is one of the greatest tools you can have under your belt.

To reap the benefits of having diversity in the range of employees and multiple types of employees, your payroll and HR processes need to suit your needs. Flexibility for religious needs, maternity leave and maternity positions, casual loading, policies for discrimination are just a few of the key aspects you should have under control in this day and age.

Having solid onboarding and training processes for EVERY employment type, that also ensure you cover topics such as discrimination in the workplace is vital. Now most HR professionals know this. But, a lot of HR professionals handle this in a lengthy and out-dated way.

How we can Help

With myjoboffer.com we have integrated the following aspects to ensure your workplace can handle multiple employment types, changing contracts to allow for flexible work hours and streamlining the whole process to ensure important points like discrimination in the workplace is never missed during onboarding and training.

  • Contract builder
    • Create your employment contracts via the platform using our built-in contract builder.  Your organisation’s contract templates are uploaded to the platform and configured to populate custom information specific to the employee.
  • Customise Content
    • myjoboffer can provide custom forms to allow you to capture all the information you need without separate paper forms.

myjoboffer also integrates eLearning options that can be customisable for your different employee types. Find new and exciting ways to engage your employees and cover all topics, such as discrimination in the workplace. Automate notifications and job offers sent at the end of probation periods. Customise your contracts for each employment type so you can streamline the hiring to first day process.

For more information or to get started, book a demo today.