Experience mapping is a powerful tool to have under your belt. Put simply, mapping out the journey your client, customer or employee takes and then understanding and improving those experiences can have a positive impact on all parties. Understanding the pain points, motivations and experiences, allows your business to create more positive and memorable interactions. Experience mapping is relevant for every industry, business and community when you are providing an ‘experience’.

Experience mapping is about:

  • Mapping out your customer, employee or member journey and identifying the points where either of you needs information.
  • Delivering and collecting that information automatically, at the right time, and in the most helpful manner possible to provide them the best experience.

There is no denying that a lot of organisations know a lot of details about their industry and client. Experience mapping takes all of that knowledge and provides opportunities to better improve and create a positive impact. This can take on a range of different styles and methods. However, it is always about identifying touchpoints or pain points, and improving each step of the process.

When focusing on experiences, you should identify the following to assist in the process:

  • Customer personas
  • Customer phases
  • Touchpoints
  • Pain points

From there, you will instantly start to identify opportunities and ways to improve this experience. Whether that be hiring staff, selling a product, facilitating team sports, providing a service. You can always understand and improve your end users experience.

A good way to do this is to look at each stage of the journey:

  • What are they thinking, feeling or doing?
  • Who are they interacting with?
  • What content are they exposed to?
  • How can we improve this?

So you have done the work and understand your customer journey, what now?

Here at Simon, our software helps you create, automate and integrate.

Create engaging content for every step in your customer or member journey and each interaction with you.

Automate this content to give your customer or member a consistent and memorable experience.

Integrate communication touchpoints seamlessly into your workflows to save time for the rest of your tea.

We have solutions designed specifically for HR professionals and onboarding and recently, real estate agents and community sports teams. If you want to save precious time, act of opportunities and create memorable experiences for your clients, staff or members, contact Simon today. Remove the burden of time consuming tasks, and get your experiences digital.