Employee Onboarding Survival – 3 Things to Have

The first day can be just as nerve racking for employers as it is for new employees. The make or break moment with onboarding survival at your business lies in your hands (no pressure). Making a good first impression is (should be) top of everyone’s mind.

Sometimes this good impression can get buried under a mountain of paperwork and boring training manuals.

It can get lost behind forgotten information that left the new hire feeling frazzled and confused. If you find your new hire has an extremely high number of questions about the workplace, you may need to rethink your onboarding process.

Now, if this is all sounding far too familiar and you aren’t 100% sure how to enhance your onboarding you have landed in the right place. Use these 3 tips for a good impression.

  1. Before the First Day Checklist

Your employee starts making up their mind about your business from the day they see that job ad in Seek, on the window printed or on your company LinkedIn. Hire to first day should be one of the most important phases of onboarding. Your onboarding should have a checklist of things that need to be completed during this phase.

No matter how long they have been in the workforce, how skilled they are in your industry or how confident they are – first day will be top of their mind. What to wear, what their desk will be like, what the other people are like, where they can get lunch. This is where you can shine as a business. Fill this void, ease their mind and get them in the mindset of your business before they even begin.


  • Technology like electronic signatures means you can now ensure all their paperwork is filled out before they even begin. This will make room for their first day to be all about the business, meeting new people and learning about the culture.
  • Send them a welcome message, including what they should wear, when to arrive etc. making sure you cover all of those key questions you would want to know before starting.
  • Create a checklist of things you need to set up BEFORE they start. This eliminates the company looking incompetent. IT, emails, workspace, computer, swipe cards (just to name a few).

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  1. eLearning

Gone are the days of boring training manuals.

Technology is a businesses best friend – no matter what the size. eLearning is just one of the many ways you an utilise technology to enhance your business.

There are a number of benefits for eLearning. Including flexibility, accessibility, blended learning and being able to complete at their own pace (with ease).

On top of these benefits, integrating this into your onboarding process can open up opportunity to really leave an impact on your new hire.

Learn more about eLearning here (and how easy it can be done).

  1. Onboarding Plans

Planning what to do before and during their first day is important. But it shouldn’t end here.

While you may be a busy person, your job isn’t over after one day of orientation.

You could have the most efficient, well branded and effective onboarding process but if you don’t follow this up with a 6 month plan, it will often be all for nothing.

The first week should be the most important. You should plan to see your new employee each day of the first week, focus on making them feel welcome, introduce them to other staff etc. Schedule in time for orientation, training, debriefs, get them to shadow another staff member. Make them feel a part of the business.

The first month should involve follow ups, more training (if required) and more in-depth information being fed. Explain to them on the first day about their plan and where they should be at/what they should know by the one month mark.

The first 6 months should be planned to ensure you do not miss any chances for feedback. This is normally probation period as well, which should be a big part of your plan. Work with your new hire and give them the chance to shine. That way, the 6 month probation period will result in a well rounded decision, not just you springing feedback on them that they have never heard before.


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