Welcome to the myjoboffer.com.au team Susanne!

An expert in all things customer experience joins the myjoboffer.com.au team!

We’re really excited to announce the newest member to the Qtiviti / myjoboffer.com.au team. From Monday 13 March, Susanne Hammond joins us as our Customer Experience and Innovation Manager. Susanne has over 20 years experience working in and developing Customer Experience, Quality and Business Innovation programs and will work to support our new and existing customers in consulting, business development and user experience. Welcome to the team Susanne!

For more on Susanne, check out her LinkedIn profile.

Who is myjoboffer.com.au?

myjoboffer.com.au is a full service onboarding solution that enable organisations to digitalise the new employee onboarding experience. With myjoboffer.com.au you can deliver employment contracts to new employees online and have them read and accept their terms and conditions using a secure digital signature – goodbye express post envelope or emailing contracts.

myjoboffer.com.au is proud to be part of the Qtiviti Consulting Group of Companies. We’ve been around since 2015 making a difference to all things HR, Workforce Optimisation and Learning & Development. Find out more about us by reading our Frequently Asked Questions