The job searching industry is unlike ever before. Virtual interviews, digital onboarding and eLearning are among some of the 3 ways technology is changing the industry. While some businesses have been implementing this for years, others have had to rapidly adjust their recruitment process in response to COVID-19. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first time user – technology in recruitment can be extremely beneficial to your business. Through efficiency, branding and frictionless experiences, digitising your recruitment process can take your business to the next level.

So you have held your Zoom interview and it is time to start onboarding. Now put yourself in the new employees shoes. It is not uncommon now for households to not own a printer. But you have just been sent a bunch of files and documents that need to be printed, signed, scanned and returned. That is bad experience number one. Next, you are already feeling the added anxiety of having to make connections with the managers and colleagues virtually, it may be difficult to reach out when you need help or are confused about the role. If you are unsure on the structure of the business, it is a lot harder to learn when you are working remotely. Learning the ins and outs by reading a bunch of long, boring manuals is not an engaging way to be introduced to the role. By the time the employee is ready for the role, they would have had a less than desirable first impression. That is where digital onboarding and eLearning come into play. This software allows you to create easy to navigate learning experiences that aims to address all aspects of the role.

Once you have onboarded your new employee, you should start  the eLearning process.

Some top tips for eLearning include:

  • Make sure you include information about the company structure. Give people an overview of how each department works, key contacts and any necessary workflows;
  • Keep it engaging;
  • Cover all grounds, but don’t overload them;
  • Allow time to stop and absorb the information, small quizzes is a great way to do this; and
  • Have fun with it!

Whether you are hiring a new remote employee, or hiring an essential worker – eLearning is one of the most effective HR resources to get them up to scratch efficiently and effectively.

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