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The 2021 Ultimate Onboarding Toolkit

Become an onboarding hero with our Ultimate Onboarding Toolkit.  Everything you need to know to successfully onboard new employees.

What's inside our Ultimate Onboarding Toolkit

Today more than ever, onboarding plays a critical role in building your employer brand, helping to attract and retain great talent and ultimately influences how well new employees settle into your organisation. The Ultimate Onboarding Toolkit is everything you need to start improving your employee's onboarding experiences today.  The 62 page, 2021 Ultimate onboarding toolkit includes:

Top tips for to create amazing onboarding experience.

We often wonder, why has my new employee not found their feet by now? Or, they aren’t excelling at the pace I would expect. Given those realities, here are our top 5 tips to welcome your new employee to the team – in style!

Preparing for day one checklist

So, you’ve just hired someone amazing to join your team. You’ve called them, offered them the job, and sent out their employment contract - what now?

Follow our checklist to create a memorable first impression and first few days for your newest team members. Of course, we may not have covered everything that’s in place at your organisation, but we think it’s a pretty good head start.

Communication templates

Acceptance of the employment contract is often the trigger to many internal processes. Setting up IT access, preparing the workplace and even triggering welcome calls from managers.

We’re pleased to offer you some great email templates that you can introduce into your new hire process to ensure you cover off all those important steps.

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