:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

Manage your sign-ups and update your members as easily as possible.

Simon lets you streamline your membership process. Sick of sending sign-up forms manually, or find it difficult to let your members know about scheduling changes? With Simon, all of that paperwork becomes automatic – so you can focus on running your club.

What can Simon do?

In just a few clicks, Simon can take over your entire sign-up and member management procedure, if you want him to – saving you time and money. He’s there at every step of the process, whenever you have something to say to your community.

Simon can...

  • Automate sign-ups and onboarding for new members.

  • Let attendees know about new schedules or updated agendas.

  • Send advice or reminders before a meet-up – particularly to first timers, who may need more guidance.

  • Notify of upcoming payment renewals and easily collect fees in one workflow.

Why work with Simon

He’s the platform that’s part of your team.

Think of Simon as your assistant who handles all your routine outbound communications.

  • Create superior experiences that generate positive word of mouth.

  • Reduce paperwork, admin time and your handling of physical forms.

  • Ensure that you meet each step in your client management procedure.

Who’s partnered
with Simon?

Here are just a few of the organisations who are benefiting from the unique experience technology behind Simon.

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Red Dot Logo
Thingz Logo
Primary Health Tasmania Logo
Emporium Living Logo
Maven Dental Group Logo
Emporium Kitchen Logo
Stoddart Group Logo
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