:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

Offer a premium experience for your landlords and renters.

Simon allows you to create a smooth and memorable customer experience with value-adding touchpoints that are customised to your users – setting you apart from other Real Estate Agents.

What can Simon do?

For every step of your client’s journey, and in just seconds, you can create an automated communication that signals a premium service and takes their experience with you to the next level. 

For renters…

  • Let them know about inspection times – and give advice on what to consider when looking at property.

  • Offer tips and guidance through the applications and offer process, or the signing of a lease or contract, when you send through any forms.

  • Make evictions or end-of-leases smooth, with comprehensive workflows that mean you won’t miss anything. 

For landlords…

  • Use predefined templates to make their onboarding with you as easy as possible, while providing useful market information.

  • Formalise professional notices and reports in a way that builds trust and shows that you’re proactive.

  • Make the forms and contracts process as streamlined as possible, with quick e-signing and document workflows.

Simon makes communications as simple or as involved as you need.

Why work with Simon

He’s the platform that’s part of your team.

Think of Simon as your assistant who handles all your routine outbound communications.

  • Create superior experiences that generate positive word of mouth.

  • Reduce paperwork, admin time and your handling of physical forms.

  • Ensure that you meet each step in your client management procedure.

Who’s partnered
with Simon?

Here are just a few of the organisations who are benefiting from the unique experience technology behind Simon.

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Red Dot Logo
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Primary Health Tasmania Logo
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