:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

Simon makes employee onboarding simple.

Keep that “new job feeling” going for your new (and old) team members.

Simon makes starting a career with you – and sticking with your business – memorable, engaging and intuitive. You can deliver personalised experiences and complete all the necessary forms, from offer to first day, without touching any paperwork.

What can Simon do?

It takes just a few minutes to set up smart workflows for Simon to manage all important emails and SMSs with your employees – whether onboarding or crossboarding.

With notifications and infinitely customisable experiences, you can replace admin with engagement.

Find out more about the range of experience mapping features Simon offers.


Simon can

  • Automate onboarding and postboarding by distributing and collecting all required documentation and following up with surveys.

  • Build new contracts or update old ones, which auto-populate with relevant information.

  • Deliver journey-based content and guidance for recipients – like interview tips and advice for their first day.

  • Track employment journeys and trigger notifications for actions at each step.

  • Distribute offers, promotions and policies to your workforce.

  • Streamline employee reviews and help leverage your workforce with crossboarding opportunities.

  • Integrate into your existing HR software.

Meet Lisa

She’s about to start a new job at a creative agency in inner city Melbourne. While she’s excited to jump in, she’s also nervous and is unsure about what to expect on her first day.

The agency that hired Lisa uses Simon for their onboarding. The morning before Lisa’s first day, Simon sends her a welcome pack.

It includes:

  • Directions on how to get to the office, which is in a multi-storey building.

  • Lisa’s detailed job description and expectations.

  • A reminder of the company dress code and what she’ll need to bring.

  • Recommendations on healthy takeaway venues nearby to pick up a nutritious lunch.

  • Contact details for a veteran team member to help her during orientation.

Lisa now feels ready to kick-start her new career. She’ll also receive a follow-up postboarding survey from Simon after 30 days, and if her role changes or she moves to another department, she can expect Simon to help her through that transition.

Simon makes communications as simple or as involved as you need - limited only by your creativity.

Why work with Simon

He’s the platform that’s part of your team.

Think of Simon as your assistant who handles the flow of information between you and your employees.

  • Create smoother experiences that leave your employees feeling valued

  • Reduce paperwork, admin time and your handling of physical forms

  • Ensure that you meet each step in your hiring and retention procedures

Simon also has an experienced team behind him, who will help get you set up and create your initial workflow for you!

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Who’s partnered
with Simon?

Here are just a few of the organisations who are benefiting from the unique experience technology behind Simon.

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