:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon. Learn More
:bulb: myjoboffer is now Simon Learn More

Everything you need to know about onboarding with Simon


Onboarding and human resources have been our forte for a long time now, and our onboarding product has gone from strength to strength over the years. Simon was more than just a rebrand, it was an expansion of our software and offering. Creating beautiful onboarding experiences is what we do best, and we are so […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Community Sports Team Engaged


Community sports teams present challenges, no different to the corporate world. Engagement is a vital tool in growth, satisfaction and reputation. It leads to positive word of mouth and happy members in your community or sports club. Keeping all of the key stakeholders engaged can draw similar techniques to keeping employees engaged.  This includes: Players […]

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Community Sign-ons – How to get more player sign-ons this season

community sign-ons

Whether you are a long standing, established team or the new team on the block – growing your club membership should be a key goal for your community. With so many moving parts, administrative tasks, and stakeholders to manage, this can sometimes be quite challenging. Some common challenges we see include: Lack of resources and/or […]

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3 Tips To Improve Customer Experiences

customer experiences

Creating a strong customer experience strategy is a key success factor in any business. Whether you focus internally on staff experiences or externally with clients/members, you should always have a customer experience strategy. We previously talked about experience mapping and the importance of understanding your client, now we are going to dive into how to […]

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Experience Mapping

team mapping out employee, customer and member experience journey

Experience mapping is a powerful tool to have under your belt. Put simply, mapping out the journey your client, customer or employee takes and then understanding and improving those experiences can have a positive impact on all parties. Understanding the pain points, motivations and experiences, allows your business to create more positive and memorable interactions. […]

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5 ways automation can help make your life easier

The automation we know and love today seems like a pretty new concept, but did you know that the term automation first came about in 1946 in the automobile industry production lines. Technology has progressed immensely since then, which has led to us experiencing automation in almost all facets of our business and personal lives. […]

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New Year, New Experiences

Two people using Simon on a tablet, mobile and computer to complete an experience

2021 is officially in full swing, and so is Simon! We have been working hard to develop a new look, new service offering and a bunch of new and exciting features. Previously focusing on digital employee onboarding, we knew it was time to branch out. So Simon is a few months old now, and feedback […]

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Electronic Signatures – are they binding?

Cartoon computer person writing on screen with pencil

Legal precedence of electronic acceptance of contracts is not uncommon in Australia. The Commonwealth legislation governing the practice is referred to as The Electronic Transactions Acts 1999 and provides for the same degree of legal status for an electronic acceptance when compared to a traditionally executed contract; in writing. […]

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